When it is about helping others, your mission becomes mine

Hola, I am Jessica

Non-profit Founder, Social Impact Consultant and Speaker

I believe that we can challenge the status quo. I believe in the power of Education as a catalyst to reduce poverty. And that is why I am passionate about sharing my global experience from the for-profit and non-profit sectors, to combine their strengths and impact educational systems and the world.

I dedicate my life to Social Impact as I have seen, through my field experience directly, the impact programs have in communities and I am on a mission to help you, and your organization, leave a meaningful imprint on communities worldwide.

Read more about my experiences in: 

  • International Development
  • Non Profit Organizations and Programs
  • Management, Operations and Tech

I have been a part of:


Plan, strategize and launch (or scale) your social impact program. 

Develop targeted content and deliver an engagement strategy to elevate your organization’s mission.

Engage in interactive social impact sessions for your team and organization!

¡Inspirémonos juntos!

Soy apasionada porque todos tengamos la oportunidad de cambiar nuestro futuro a través de oportunidades de vida. Comparto cómo a partir de mi experiencia de vida pasé de tech a ser Social Impact Advocate y como muchas personas se pueden unir al purpose movement y cambiar el futuro de sus vidas.

I launched my non-profit The Winged Foundation in 2022 to empower and support Latin children and youth in finding their life’s purpose through educational scholarships and programs. 

I use my firsthand experience navigating the challenges and successes of running a non-profit to provide valuable guidance and mentorship to other organizations working towards social good.



Jessica is an excellent communicator and has key skills in operationalizing a team and getting them to work efficiently together to achieve their goals and responsibilities. Jessica has a reputation for coming up with new structures, processes and innovative ideas to support organizations. I can attest that she is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional, sincere and creative person who works from a foundation of integrity. She is recognized as someone who can be trusted to get to the heart of problems and provide real solutions.

Cat Ross | President, KIDS Initiative Inc.

Working with Jessica has given my life a purpose, she separates my personal and professional life and gives them a purpose to be using knowledge to support others. Jessica has taught me to believe in myself and learn from the world of social organizations and opportunities. It is an honor to learn from Jessica because she is one of those people who inspires, who trusts and demonstrates that anything is possible if you want it to be. Learning from Jessica has helped me gain confidence and grow as a professional.

Maria McCallum | Board Member, The Winged Foundation

Jessica Zapata is a unique person who brings love, passion and commitment between people to community work. She lifts people’s spirits to work and fulfill their responsibilities, as well as influences PDS members and non-members to act responsibly in everything they do. Having their participation and help to grow is a great achievement for PDS and True Vision School.

Moh’d Nassor | Deputy Executive Director of PDS Zanzibar

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